Pregnancy Ultrasound

Shakil is trained and certified for specialized ultrasound in pregnancy at the level of a fetal medicine subspecialist. He has been working in the fetal medicine unit at Liverpool Hospital for more than 5 years, which means he is able to do his own first trimester scan including Down Syndrome screening, Morphology ultrasound at 18-20 weeks, Fetal Echocardiography, Growth ultrasound and Ultrasound to assess the placenta and cervix. His training in fetal medicine allows him to provide comprehensive counselling regarding any unexpected ultrasound findings in pregnancy.

Shakil uses a professional ultrasound machine (Philips Affiniti 70W) at his practice. At present only the NT and 18-20 weeks scans are not offered from the practice (the patient has to be referred to other ultrasound practices). All other scans (including early morphology scan) are offered as part of the care package at no extra cost. If any patient needs a formal tertiary level ultrasound, she is referred to the feto-maternal unit at Liverpool Hospital where he usually scans the patients himself. Every patient gets at least 2 growth scans in their pregnancy, more if indicated. From 28 to 36 weeks, during the routine visits Shakil attempts to obtain 3D/4D images of the baby. Every image taken at each visit are saved and are made accessible to the patient, so that she may share them with her friends and family.

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